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Mental Health Resource Centre

Mental Health Resource Centre

The Mental Health Resource Centre brings together the latest news and clinical articles on mental health, including recognising and treating conditions such as depression, tackling self-harm and suicide and postnatal depression.

Despite general attitudes towards mental health and illness gradually changing, professionals in this field still face considerable difficulties in persuading agencies for adequate funding and recognition for the difficult and complex work they undertake with some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Latest mental health news

16.02.16: The cuts to local support for mums could damage the plans for improved maternal mental health, a union of mental health nurses warned
15.02.16: Mental health looks set for a shake-up as “a brave new vision” has been set out by NHS England’s Mental Health Taskforce
08.02.16: Designated nurses for safeguarding children are not getting the time or resources they need to do their job, putting vulnerable children at risk, the RCN warned
08.02.16: The number of suicides in the UK have decreased slightly, except for a “notable” rise in female suicides, particularly those aged 45-59
27.01.16: A 1950s-themed memory room has been created to help nurses create relationships with dementia patients, in order to offer more personalised care

Latest mental health clinical articles

Monday 29 June 2015
During my career the role of women as both formal and informal carers has become very apparent
Friday 23 January 2015
Guidelines for dealing with dementia have been updated by the Department of Health.
Friday 23 January 2015
Staff should encourage patients to join walking groups to boost health
Monday 19 January 2015
Poor sleeping patterns in teenagers could be an early warning sign for alcohol problems and drug use
Wednesday 31 December 2014
The ambition to put mental health on equal footing with physical health may threaten nursing jobs
NICE: Managing self-harm

In November 2011 the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issued a new clinical guideline on the longer-term care of adults, children and young people who self-harm.

Click here to view the electronic version

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Advertorial features

Monday 21 September 2009
For the last 20 years, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has produced a series of award-winning and evidence-based leaflets on common mental health problems and treatments for both patients and health professionals

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